Gantt Chart for Web Site

Ekim 29th, 2013 | by Emre

*This Article SENG407 Software Project Management Ass #3 Homework is written for.(

Emreder University

Ekim 9th, 2013 | by Emre

Emreder University was founded in 2013.Capacity of 5000 students and 300 staff, the location is in the center in istanbul.The [&hellip

Technology and Family Life

Ağustos 13th, 2013 | by Emre

Researcher discuss wheather technology is good for family. According to Ofcom company’s research , in the past, many tecnological tools [&hellip

Bad Words In Twitter

Ağustos 2nd, 2013 | by Emre

Twitter has started in March / 2006, and today it has more than 465 Million users according to Twitter ’s [&hellip

Twitter ‘da Kötü Yazılar

Temmuz 31st, 2013 | by Emre

Twitter Mart 2006′da yayına girdi ve bugün sosyal medyanın en güçlü temsilcilerinden biri olan Twitter’ın, Şubat 2012 verilerine göre dünya [&hellip

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