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Using “PhotoDNA by Twitter and Other Social Media and Childreen Abusing”

In 2009,Microsoft introduced a technologic programme named PhotoDNA which help to avoid abusing kids by photos, and they donated this program to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Microsoft PhotoDNA, analyzes the Photos which about to loaded to social media like Facebook and Twitter, controlling those photos if they carries any pornognaphic content related with child porn. Although some pornographic photos were in law case, during this process it wasn’t easy to stop sharing this complainted photos spreading in social media. But since PhotoDNA program has been launched, it’s more easy to control photos-especialy which has pornographic content-on the internet.

Right now, PhotoDNA program is being used in USA, Australia, Brasil, Belgium, Canada, Italy, UK and USA’s poliçe department. Beside that, Twitter is still working on using this program.

There is a kind of filter in google, and the system find some photos dangerous(pornographic) and stops publishing it.To use this system, google has spent exactly 5 million dollars.

Abusing kid is very serious crime, and this kind of programmes are really needed to avoid those kind of ugly issues. Microsoft PhotoDNA program is still developing strongly, and getting more effective day by day.Internet is very wide area and hard to control everything on it.

So, we need those programmes to protect humman’s life, children and parents.

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