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Computer Ethics and Copyrigths

1-Computer Ethics

Ethic, basically tries to define which is right and which is wrong as behaving on a work.

As a wire user, you can be allowed to use another user’s wires. Each wire has own responsibilities, rules and prohibitions. Allowed processes on a wire are designed as available to be followed by the wire’s keepers.. However, an allowed action on a wire can be forbidden on another wire. Being aware of those rules and compliance with the rule are liability under the users. Remember, you can abuse the allowed action, but you do not need to do that.

According to your wire’s location, you can be fired, you can have diciplinary punishment, your account might be deleted and furthermore, you can be thrown in jail as a result of abusing computer ethics.

10 Rules about Computer Ethics :

• You will not use internet to harm people.
• You will not block another people’s studies on internet.
• You will not enter another’s secret and private files.
• You will not steal via internet
• You will not use internet as a perjurer.
• You will not copy and use a software as your own that you did not pay.
• You will not use other’s electronic communication sources without permission.
• You will not do plagiarism.
• You will consider and premediate the social results that caused by the programs that you designed.
• You will respect other’s rights by using electronic comminication area.


Copyright is a way to protect the rights on someone’s own product thats been created by ideas, and this rights are supplied by the law.

• Without copyright owner’s permission,
• You can not copy a software program.
• You can not copy for your computer or for your local connection area.
• You can not download copied programs.

If you violate those rules above, you can have heavy criminal sanctions and fines.

The ways break or violate copyrights:

• Copying users
• Synonyms using
• Hard disk loading
• Forgery
• Copying by internet
• BBS (Loading via bulletin boards)
• Hiring software

The ones who violate copyrights:

• Hacker
• Cracker
• Phreaker

The Corporations that protect Copyrights:

• Firewall
• Anti-Virus Programmes

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