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Technology and Family Life

Researcher discuss wheather technology is good for family. According to Ofcom company’s research , in the past, many tecnological tools get families together, like televisions, radio.

Even lots of people critise this report, beginning from 1950 many families, who had tv in home, converted from their living room to television room. All family member had been found to spend good time in television room. Even if this situation verified in old times, nowadays this report lost validity due to tecnological advances.


Sometimes, they watch tv with their family, while they are using smartphone or tablet. They chat his friend about what they watch. Sometimes they go their own room. They use tecnological tools to kill time own by own. They play game, watch video in own room. They diverge day by day. All of them increate their own world. They do not speak anybody.They also do not go outside.When tecnology develop too much, people lost their social life. That’s why lots of family do not let their children to use tecnological tools anymore.


However,technology is a good for family. If familes can teach how to use technology, their children can live easily in future. They can learn lots of information due to tecnhology, like medicine, communication. When they had a problem, they search on the internet using smartphone. They can find easily. They also learn new language to comminucate other people.

In my opinion, tecnology use as long as carefully, It is useful for everyone.

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