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The Market

My customers are companies.Because we are manufacturing firm.So we market our products in bulk to large companies.My product(USB flash memory) is used in everywhere where follow the technology so my customers are international .

My product has many difference from others like quality,price, robustness etc. Also , new customers can see our references for being sure.It is also our big difference from other.

Some factors can help to customers to choose business that they buy from me.For example according to uses and aim of the uses they can decide.But most of our customers are companies so companies choose product according to their customers.If they work for example with IT firm , they must choose big memories at least 8 GB.Because computer firms use memories for most of works. Our customers can buy products when they want.Because we keep products in stock at all times.

Now I am not sell product.Because ı am develop myself to establish a company.

*This Article ENGG437 Entrepreneurship & Leadership Ass #5 Homework is written for.(http://kehk.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/ass-5-the-market-for-engg437-entrepreneurship-leadership/)

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