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The Security,Threat and aim of Database

Database security and Scope

The aim of database is prevent a priate and non authorized to reach datas and protect datas.Generally it is include access control auditing and encryption.

Threat is effect knowledge privacy , integrity and acessibility of knowledge negatively.For effectivity of threat , threat must use failing on database managment system.Some of these threats are these:

1-Natural Disasters
Earthquake, fire, flood, flood, sudden temperature changes, landslides, hurricanes, storms and avalanches are cause the damage for information system.For dicreasing of this damages disaster scenarios should be established in accordance with the institutional structure.

2-Procedural Deficiencies
For example the lack of database backup procedures, database installation and maintenance procedures.

3- The Human Factor
It is an involuntary or intentional user behavior

  • Failure to provide the physical security of the database server
  • Database records (log) analysis to be kept or deleted
  • Database to be backed up incorrectly, Taking no backup or no testing back up

4- Threats from the Web
Unsafe infrastructures, insecure coding, incorrect configuration, etc. are the threats that arising from this elements.

5- Sql injection

  • undesired operation(query, insert, delete, modify etc.) done on the database
  • Authentication mechanisms to overcome
  • The running of operating system level command
  • Creating new users or grups are made with this way.

6- Database worms
It is a malware that transmitted to computers or rapidly spreading over computer networks to aimed to attack.

Prevention Methods

  • human security(awareness)
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Ensuring Server Security
  • Ensuring Application Security
  • Information Security Policies

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