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The Business Plan

Why do I want to run my own business?
I choose this business because of the growth of the electronics sector.The increase of the computer sale show us the peripherel on these computers also.Because of this reosans I decided to enter the job of the Flash Disk endustry and import that is more close to me.Now in this sector there is 5 leader firm so I want develop myself and to be with them.Because they are special.Of course this is another reason of my choosing.

Previous work experience
I worked with firm of e-commerce in software developer during 2 years. As well as I learned the marketting of the E-commerce and I had an experience about how marketting of e-commerce work and going.

Qualifications and education
I studied 4 years department of software in high school.After I finished high school, I studied 2 years department of computer programming in YTÜ.Then I studied software engineering in European University of Lefke.I had an experience about.

Machine Software and I restocked.

Hobbies and interests
When I free I research somethings about the project that I want to do it.Also I like listening to music and some sport activities.

*This Article ENGG437 Entrepreneurship and Leadership Ass #3 Homework is written for.(http://kehk.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/ass-3-all-about-you-for-engg437-entrepreneurship-and-leadership/)

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