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The NSA Scandal

The National Security Agency USA Intelligence agency was offically established in 4th of Novemver in 1982. This agency keeps the datas like Ids, fax, E-mails, addresses, phone numbers etc, and uses those kind of datas as intelligence of the government.

There are many firms allaged that they draws information to NSA like Microsoft, Google,Yahoo, Youtube, Apple, Skype, AOL .

This İnformations are collected to avoid any kind of possible external or internal threats, and using those inforations might be effective.

Actually, collecting informations by following personal e-mail or buzz (speaking on the phone) are not legal and this kind of information theft makes people feel insecure as, just like how I do feel.

Some of the most known and the best Nationa Security/Information Agencies are below :
RAW (India)
CSIS (Canada)
ASIS (Avustralya)
Mossad (Israel)
BND (Germany)
ISI (Pakistan)
DGSE (France)
GRH (Russia)
MSS (China)
MIT (Turkey)

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