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SWOT Analysis


What are the positive things about your business that make it special compared to the competition?
Creativity and more products option.

Is it something specific about your product or service?
Products very fast compared to other products


What are the things that are making your business struggle?
Product marketing

Generally, new businesses struggle through lack of experience and lack of money?
Have limited capital for this job. Good thinking, I have made the right decision.

Is there anything else that is a difficulty for your new business?
New product development is forcing


What can you take advantage of in the marketplace?
Newly opened electronics stores, giveaway stores

Is there a new trend?
Design according to season. Colorful flash memory


What is threatening your business?
If my Company damaged

*This Article ENGG437 Entrepreneurship & Leadership Ass #10 Homework is written for.(http://kehk.wordpress.com/2013/11/28/ass-10-swot-analysis-for-engg437/)

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