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PERT Chart Example

1- Calculate the contents of the nodes in the above PERT Chart.


2- Assuming the task lengths are in days, how many days will it take to complete the project?

22 Days

3- Which tasks are on the critical path?


4- The person working on task G tells the project manager he can’t start work until one day after the scheduled starting date. What impact would this have on the completion time of the project?

no impact , G isn’t on Critical Part


5- The project manager decides to reduce the time needed for tasks D and F by one day each. How effective will this reduction be in achieving her aim of maintaining the original finish time for the project?

No effect.Because task D and F are not on the critical path.


*This Article SENG407 Software Project Management Ass #4 Homework is written for.(http://kehk.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/ass-4-pert-chart-for-seng407-software-project-management/)

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